Cathodic corrosion protection meets control technology

3 Controllers - 1 Goal:
Energy efficiency + smart protection of your investment (heat, solar and hot water applications).

The new S-Patron offers state-of-the-art hot water management and regulating technology along
with an Impressed Current Anode System (Powered Anode) that provides lifetime corrosion protection
of the hot water storage tank(s) - two essential high performing functions in one controller!

Through Magontec's exclusive NACP regulation algorithm S-Patron is protecting the hot water tanks
as soon as the system is activated. S-Patron's special boost feature ensures sufficient current availability
in the crucial commissioning phase of the hot water system. So S-Patron is able to secure the reliable
and error-free operation of the system. This way S-Patron controller eliminates the needs for ongoing
maintenance of sacrificial anodes, so that maintenance expenses are just history.

The S-Patron has an optional thermal cycle for Legionella prevention and healthy water is
permanently available in your domestic water heater. Apart from securing water safety, the S-Patron
protects built-in solar collectors by actively monitoring overheating and anti-freeze mode. The control
unit takes care reliably of any tube or flat collector connected to the circuit.

The S-Patron controller complies with the last ErP directives and has especially been designed to be
in operation with high-efficiency pumps.

Made in Europe